Dissident Logic
Based in Florida

Founding date:
August 9, 2013


Press / Business contact:




+00 (1) 407 616 0876


A game studio dedicated to creating new experiences which are awesome enough that people are willing to pay for them. Dissident Logic was founded by Daniel Holbert, who had an nice run as an engine programmer for High Moon Studios for six years. But AAA development could neither satisfy creative impulses, and Dissident Logic was formed. Dissident Logic grants full monetization rights to anyone wishes to create videos of any of our products or stream them live.


Prototype Human Years

Dan got his start in his teenage years in the late '90s. He teamed up with a friend and joined the blossoming Quake mod scene, as well as making simple OpenGL games. The mods were awesome, but had virtually no art and no marketing. You can see the results on the old site--http://www.dissidentlogic.com/old

Alpha Human Years

Dan went to school, got a degree in computer science, and slayed the ladies with his knowledge of hard drives and dangling pointers. Along the way, he kept updating the site with different graphics codey things that he was working on. He also interned at ATI doing both boring and awesome stuff (awesome stuff==research). He also got super hot at foosball and Dead or Alive 3.

Beta Human Years

Dan spent a year as a graphics programmer for Mad Doc Software (now Rockstar New England), where he played on the company basketball team that won absolutely zero games (and also worked on Empire Earth III). Tiring of New England, Dan found greener pastures at High Moon Studios in sunny southern California. He got sucked in for six years. He helped make some really cool Transformers games that were not in any way tied to movies. Thank goodness. Dan presented at GDC 2011 on the topic of improving shadow quality in games. You can find details on the old Web site: http://www.dissidentlogic.com/old

Launch Date

Despite the good times, Dan wanted to branch out with his own creative visions for years. After Transformers: Fall of Cybertron shipped, he was decidedly less excited about the next project, so he decided in 2013 that it was time to drop below the poverty line and make his own games.



Pre-release Trailer YouTube


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There are far more images available for Dissident Logic, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

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Awards & Recognition

  • "GDC 2011 Poster Session" - Dan presented a novel technique for getting rid of a common shadow mapping ugliness in a Poster session at GDC 2011. You can see the poster () and the video () that Dan initially used to pitch the idea to the GDC advisory council. http://www.dissidentlogic.com/old/images/NormalOffsetShadows/GDC_Poster_NormalOffset.png http://dissidentlogic.com/old/video/Techniques/NormalOffsetShadows_0001.wmv

Selected Articles

  • "Dissident Logic is doing things that will change the world in marshmallowy ways."
    - Abraham Lincoln,

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Dan Holbert
Programming, Design

Mike Smith
Character Art

Josh Sorenson
2D, 3D Environment Art

Lacey Frazier
2D Environment Art

Chris White, White Noise Wave
Music and Sound

Frank Silas
3D Environment Art

Jose Emroca Flores
Environment Art

Fedor Logachev

Igor Shumakov

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